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ANTIMAQUE - PROJECTOS E EQUIPAMENTOS, S.A., with VAT number PT503265721, headquartered at Praça das Flores, No. 54, 4300-401 Porto, Portugal, is the registered trademark holder of Cosmetyque. The company operates through the website and specializes in the commercialization of dermo-cosmetic, personal health, hygiene, and beauty products/accessories.

The company operates under the following Economic Activity Codes (CAE):
CAE 47730: Retail sale of pharmaceutical products.
CAE 47750: Retail sale of cosmetic and hygiene products.

These CAE codes reflect the diverse scope of ANTIMAQUE - PROJECTOS E EQUIPAMENTOS, S.A.'s activities, encompassing both the retail of pharmaceutical products and cosmetic and hygiene items. Through its brand Cosmetyque, the company aims to provide a wide range of products catering to the personal care and well-being needs of its customers.

These general Terms and Conditions are applied to all visitors of the website as well as any business transactions through this online store. The website navigation and purchase of any product in our website imply acceptance of all the following points.

Cosmetyque reserves the right to change these conditions without notice, and any changes will be published in our website.

 1. Personal Data Protection

Cosmetyque ensures complete confidentiality of all data provided. Our store has a single view that turn easier the customer experience: fast access to all products, placed orders and received communications on beauty programs, promotions or any other relevant content for visitors.

Please check our Privacy Policy here.

The customer may, at any time, request the cancellation of the newsletter subscription by simply filling out the contact form with their details (name and email) stating "I do not wish to receive further communications from Cosmetyque".

At any time, customer can access their account and change their personal data.

2. Shipping Cost

Carriers apply the transport cost according to the destination country and weight of the items. 

The freight is calculated and displayed automatically on our website (checkout page), after selection of the destination country. Please check all information about Shipping Policy here.

3. Tracking

All orders shipped by Cosmetyque have a tracking code associated, sent by email as soon as your order is shipped. The result is given by the carrier company in their website. As an exception, a few destination countries do not guarantee a full tracking. We clearly mention these cases on the order’s checkout page, as “No tracking” on the shipping method option.

With our tracking system, you can effortlessly monitor the journey of your package. Simply visit the carrier company “track & trace” webpage and enter your tracking number (the number we provided on the shipping confirmation email).

Please check all information about tracking your order here.

4. Duties & Taxes

If shipped to non-European Union countries, or a European non-EU member country, or territories with exception taxes context (for example the Canary Islands), orders can be randomly selected by customs and/or health authorities for inspection.

Duties are customer’s responsibility. If duties are applied to the order, the value of the import tax can be applied on the value of the products plus the cost of shipping.

In certain destinations (for example Cyprus) other taxes can be charged. These values are the customer's responsibility and must be confirmed by them, considering the value of the order and the type of product.

5. Customs Clearance in The Destination Country

All products available at Cosmetyque have commercialization authorization and consumption in Portugal.

It is the customer's responsibility to confirm if in their country there is any law to prevent the import and consumption of any product or substance contained in them.

In cases where there is forbidden entry of the products, various situations can occur:

  • When the product is returned automatically as soon as it arrives at the destination country's customs, because it had no authorization to enter, the return of the value of products will be done in a discount voucher, minus the value of transport costs and any taxes or customs costs associated with the return.

6. Delivery time

Cosmetyque ships worldwide from Portugal.

The delivery time after dispatch, depends on the destination country and the shipping method.

This period does not include the necessary customs clearance time when your order arrives in the country of destination (in the case of countries outside the European Union). Local customs have their own rules and procedures and unfortunately we have no power over them.

Carriers do not allow us to schedule a specific time for delivery of your order, so it is important to mention the correct delivery address open to reception during working hours, for example, your workplace.

Please note: We supply goods only in a quantity usual for household consumption. In specific cases (especially in the event of discounts or clearance sales), we are entitled to determine a maximum quantity that we can supply or adjust the handling, shipping and delivery time in order to guarantee a delivery without any issues.

For deliveries with no tracking or for orders with tracking but no delivery status update, if the destination postal services company informs the recipient that the order is lost, we offer a reshipping or a refund of the total amount of the order to the customer. 


7. Cancelation Policy

In case you want to cancel the order before it's dispatched from our warehouse, you can do it by contact immediately our Customer Care Service through our email or the contact form, indicating the number of your order and "Cancelation" on the subject.

If your order has already been shipped, we cannot guarantee that the cancellation will be possible.

When cancelation is not possible anymore, as an alternative you can refuse delivery or, if you accept it, you can return the order with expenses at your own cost. Be aware that the refuse and return of an order has returning costs associated. Our team will support you in this matter.

Cancellations by our resolutions can be processed:

  1. In cases of orders with strong evidence of fraud, Cosmetyque cancels and refunds the orders without any other justification, in order to protect all parties involved.
  2. In specific cases (especially in the event of discounts or clearance sales), when the quantity included in the order is very high and the order compromises our marketing campaign. We supply goods only in a quantity usual for household consumption.
  3. In rare cases of orders only with out of stock items. Cosmetyque cancels and refunds the order and notify the costumer.

8. Return Policy

Cosmetyque’s main goal is the customer’s complete satisfaction. 

Purchasing decisions are easy, quick and fully transparent. However, if a customer gives up on the purchase after delivery, the deadline for requesting the return and refund of a product unopened and unused is 14 days after receiving the order

Returns will not be accepted for product(s) that are not new, that are not properly closed or sealed, that do not have the original label, that have scratches on the packaging or on the label, that have visible external damage, that have the carrier's label affixed to the product and that have an expiry date of less than 30 days.

The procedure begin filling out the contact form communicating the intention to return the product or email us at with:

  1. The order number;
  2. The reference(s) of the product(s) to return;
  3. The reason for return.

No later than within 2 working days our customer care team sends an email with all information needed to return the product(s).

Important note: We don't work with exchanges, only returns.

It is very important that the customer:

  • Waits for our email with the return information and saves the product(s) under the same conditions that they were received (including the package and correspondent label) in order to return it;
  • Note that has a maximum period of 7 days after our validation for the return, to send the product(s) to our address accordingly with the instructions provided by our team.
  • The return’s address is: Cosmetyque, Rua Noé Pereira, nº 91, 4510-706 Fânzeres, Porto, Portugal.

After we receive the return:

  • We will review the product(s) within 5 working days after return reception;
  • If everything is complying with the return policy, customer will receive the refund within 10 days.


8.1. Rules for Returns

For the return to be accepted, it is essential to respect the following rules:

  • The product must be sealed in its original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if any);
  • If the product box has mark or seal, the seal or any other protection marks must be kept intact;
  • The product has to be with all items: samples, gifts, among others, respecting the original shipping conditions.


8.2. Return Shipping Fees

If Cosmetyque is notified and it is confirmed that there has been an error in the shipped product(s) or a shipment of defective product(s), Cosmetyque will bear the costs of the return at the delivery address of the product(s) in question.

If the reason for the return is other than the one(s) mentioned above, the return costs are borne by the customer.

Please check all information about our returns and refunds policy here.


9. Returned orders without order deivery

An order can return to our warehouse due to unknown recipient, wrong or incomplete address, unclaimed order, delivery refused, etc.

Once the order arrives at our facilities, as a solution, we can provide our customer the following possibilities:

  1. Paid reshipment of the order;
  2. Discount code in the order’s amount deducted of the shipping cost;
  3. Refund in the order’s amount deducted of the shipping cost.

    Returned Orders due to issues unrelated with the customer are reshipped with no extra cost or refunded totally, depending on the customer’s preference.

    Returned orders due to "unclaimed" reason, which means the recipient/someone was not available at the moment of the delivery attempt or, nobody collected the order on the pick up point/post office are solved with the issue of a discount code (the order’s amount deducted of the shipping cost).


    Return restrictions:

    Returns might not be possible in cases of countries where they depend/are just allowed by customs after the clearance procedure is complete which means the payment of the customs duties is made.

    In these cases, if an order has customs duties applied and customer refuses to pay them, customs don’t allow the return and the order has to be destroyed or abandoned.
    Cosmetyque doesn’t refund the costumer in these situations because the payment of the duties is an obligation of the costumer.


    10. Refunds

    Refunds can be made in the following situations:

    • Canceled orders (before shipment);
    • Orders returned by postal services (unclaimed or refused on delivery attempt);
    • Returns (returnable items);
    • Validated complaints of damaged, wrong, missing or expired products reported in a maximum of 14 days after order's delivery. Complaints of allergic reactions to a products as well as unsatifaction with the results of the application of a products are not elegible for refunds.

    Your refund will be processed within 7 business days.

    As an alternative, costumer can choose the issue of a discount code in the amount of the order/products. Discount codes are valid for 6 months, counting from the day they are sent.


    11. Complaints

    At Cosmetyque, we have a Customer Care team ready to help you with any difficulties or complaints. Please read carefully all the following notes and after, please contact us by the form if you have any question.

    Complaint of an order not delivered yet:
    Before making a complaint about a delay, please note that on standard shipping, the dates provided by us are only expected ones.
    We cannot give 100% assurance because there are procedures that are beyond our control, for instance, customs that are regulated by local Government guidelines.

    The stated period does not include the necessary customs clearance time when your order arrives in the country of destination (in the case of countries outside the European Union). Local customs have their own rules and procedures and unfortunately, we have no power over them.


    Order lost:

    Due to the e-commerce growth and deliveries available worldwide, with the high number of destination countries, customs and postal services partners, we just consider an order lost after 1 month of the maximum expected delivery time (when shipping to EU) or 2 months after the maximum expected delivery time (when shipping outside EU).


    Complaint of an order that presents any signs of breach:

    During the delivery attempt, if the order presents any signs of breach (damaged or wet box, with signs of having been opened, etc.), please reject the order delivery and contact us as soon as possible.


    Complaint of an order that was delivered:

    You should open the package and carefully check it before discarding the packaging.
    If you receive your order in good conditions and, after opening it, you notice that there is a missing or damaged product, please contact us within a maximum of 14 days by email to

    Please follow our guarantee process carefully to minimize any inconvenience - on your email, please provide the following information:

    1. Your order number.
    2. Pictures of the package, shipping label, the items received and the batch number of the product(s);
    3. Detailed description of the damaged item(s).

    We will analyze each case individually and offer the most suitable solution.

    Besides damaged, goods shall be considered defective, in particular, when they do not have the usual or presented properties, do not serve their purpose, do not comply with statutory requirements.

    Please note that an increased sensitivity or allergic reaction to the delivered goods cannot in itself be deemed a defect in the goods. Pictures of goods in our e-shop are illustrative only and do not constitute a binding depiction of the goods’ properties (for example, the packaging image/language or the ingredient list may differ due to a change made by the manufacturer).

    Please remember that claims will be only accepted until a maximum of 14 days after receiving your order. Claims made later will not be accepted.


    12. Dispute Resolution

    In the event of a dispute, the customer may resort to the official "Electronic Complaints Book" or Online Dispute Resolution.


    13. Applicable Law

    The information on this website is governed by Portuguese legislation in force. The purchase and sale contracts made through this website are regulated and are in compliance with Portuguese law.